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How To Work with Discounts



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    Is it possible to have discounts for certain amount of products?

    Say if a customer buys 6 of product X, they'd pay the standard price.

    If they buy 12, they would get a 5% discount

    24 - 10%

    48 - 15%??

    Chiraag Tolani
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    Hello Chiraag,

    The kind of special offer you describe is included in the version of SupeRep Manager v7.0 that was just released last week. See the release notes here:

    In the Special Offers types there is a type called "Price Tiers" which allows you to define % discounts based on ranges of quantities ordered of an item.

    The new Special Offers in V7.0 will be supported within the iPad App in release of SupeRep V2.7 of the iPad within the next 2 weeks.

    So for now you may configure them in the manager, and they can be used on the iPads when 2.7 comes out.

    Thank you

    Merav Bitton

    Product Training

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