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product promotions based on accounts

Not planned



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    Hi Ken

    I wanted to get a clearer picture please - 

    Yes, the standard promotions (bonus items, price tier % discount, etc.) are global and they are % based, so you would need mapped data. 

    Do you already have the mapped data in your Pepperi system with the account based specific prices? and you want to just add the start/stop dates?

    Also - are you using price lists? Are you aware of the "Special Price Lists" feature?



    Merav Bitton
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    Is the he difference between a special price list and a price list evaluation order? If there is no ItemExternalID in price list, will it fall back to default retail price?

    1. find ItemExternalID in special price list
    2. find ItemExternalID in price list
    3. use retail price

    Is there a way to map a PriceLevel to a Campaign, to be sure it vanishes at the right date? ..a wish.

    Carl Hauser
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    To anser my question:

    It is either Retail Price || (Price Level && Special price Level).

    If Price Levels are used, every item must have it's price in the list.

    Carl Hauser
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    Yes! you are correct.

    If an item doesn't have a price in a price list the price will show 0.00

    It won't default to the retail price.

    Regarding expiration dates for price lists, we have not yet responded to this request, which was raised above by Ken Tom, and now by you as well. It is being reviewed by the product department. 

    Could you please "vote" above for Ken's request (click on the small up arrow next to the title of the request). 

    I will change the status of the request above.

    thank you

    Merav Bitton
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    The problem is multifold:

    Discounts that are set by % can be misleading.  While it's known that doing the calculation by dividing, not multiplying is needed, not everyone knows the why of it.  It's more common where I am to have discounts based upon a price.

    The more you buy, the greater your discount, hence the need to set prices based upon the account, rather than giving the same discount for all accounts.

    1) Each account will have their own set of prices that run at different times, depending upon when they want to have their ads in the newspaper.  Each "chain" store will run the same ad.

    2) Ads have different start and stop dates.  Walmart for instance, will probably not want to run a product promotion at the same time as Target.

    3) Each promotion can have anywhere from 2-30 items, depending upon the manufacturer.  Usually it'll be a 'brand'

    4) Having to keep track of prices for each promotion of each brand for each account/accounts that run at different start/stop dates would mean I'd have to monitor and upload a set of prices almost daily that can number in the hundreds.  When a promotion ends, I would have to reset the SPL for each item for each account.

    If I have say 200 accounts, then I'd have to keep track of 200 accounts that would have 200 * 30 items * different start/stop dates ... 

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