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Dsiplay Filter Count on Account List on iPad




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    Hi Carl, Were you aware of the count that is displayed in the filter menu? Next to each option the number of Accounts that answer to that criteria is listed in brackets. For example:

    Red (15)

    Green (4)

    Blue ( ) <means none>

    This is the typical behavior in filter selection in an app.

    I was also wondering if you have a specific purpose you want the count displayed for, please inform me.


    Merav Bitton
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    Hello Merav

    Of course they are there, but with many selections it get's difficult to memorize, human by nature ;-) although we all learned to sum.

    1. Select 1-n attributes Smart Search level 1
    2. Sum up hits on Smart Search level 2

    Every filter, query should show sum of total hits returned, it simply makes it easier. See backend.

    On top, or instead, it would be great to tap on every applied filter and see again attributes with (original count) in a row it's easy to sum up in mind. At least the attributes selected.



    Carl Hauser
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