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Select any Activity on Workflow > Distribute Activity



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    Hello Carl,

    Are you aware of the Distributed Activity and the Chain Order functionality we have to create Activities for multiple accounts in one click based on a search criteria?

    Chain Orders

    Distributed Activities

    What do you mean exactly by paint/repaint?

    Thank you


    Merav Bitton
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    Thank you Merav.

    I'm heavily playing and challenging the great new WF Activity and distributed activity in special.

    Therefore these two requests on Distribute Activity.

    Although they could solve, improve massively setup here, I'm aware that these tow request will take time as W just has been released.

    Actually I can enable disable now myself WF on activities.

    Paint, sorry,, I used an old days expression of WF painters, meaning designer.

    I chain multiple WF activities, where also final activity use WF for the beauty of state control and final submission - better UX as simple cancel and save draft.

    If we have to relink an in-store activity with WF, I need to diable WF on it, select it in new parent WF and redraw WF again.

    I was looking at chain orders, but despite the beauty of it, it is less useful for retail audits only, especially if the have to be created in one visit not knowing on which product/vendor group the sales rep starts - his own in-store strategy also dependent on place a layout of audited and promoted products.

    Therefore FR

    Carl Hauser
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