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Select multiple Activites on Workflow > Distribute Activity


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    Hi Carl,

    The only way currently to segment which Activities appear on which account dashboard is by user profiles. So the segmentation is done based on the rep logged in, and not based on the account type.

    I assume you are aware that you can put the less used activities in the Dashboard Menu, as you referred in your post. Now, to be clear, your request is that the Activites and "product related" activities (which means Orders right?), are auto-created as kind of empty templates for the reps to fill in at the right times (montly, bi-monthly etc..) ? Did I understand correctly? 

    So for example you could schedule an "empty" order to appear on the rep dashboard every 15th of the month, for her to fill in?

    Regarding Activity Lists, you can add an Account property to the Activity List layout form and then filter by it on the app, or export to Excel from the Web Admin view. Sales Activity Lists

    Thank you


    Merav Bitton
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