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    Workflow may be your friend-

    I love it explicitly to manage drafts - much nicer then close and 'Save draft'.

    Therefore we added a Boolean checkbox at the end of the header form, this is evaluated in Branch Conditions of WF seen below, only going to submitted when checked.

    At the same time you can control to which screen user is directed.

    Carl Hauser
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    Thanks Carl for the nice response.

    In the new workflows you can control which screen the user is directed to after tapping the button on the shopping cart. And the button text now becomes configurable as well.

    So changing that text to "Save" and then adding a conditional branch that changes the status to submitted only if a box was checked, otherwise it remains In creation. And then of course, using the new "Navigate to" option in the Workflows to redirect the user to the Home Screen (you can select from the Account Dashboard, Home Screen, Activity Lists).

    For more info on the new Workflows: Workflow Designer

    That being said, improved native navigation within the app is certainly a topic of discussion and in our vision.


    Merav Bitton
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