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Printing Option Work-Flow - Feature Request



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    You can configure this if you remove the "PDF" preview option from the menu in the cart/order center. (in the Sales Transaction Views and Forms tab, Menu configuration). This will prevent any printing being done from the shopping cart before the order is submitted.

    Then you would have to use our new Workflows, that will add a button after the order is submitted to the bottom of the shopping cart that says "Print". When they tap on this button a custom form will pop up asking if you want to print and directing to the PDF file.

    This button would appear only after the order is submitted (in the same place the "Submit" button usually is).

     This is possible in the new Workflows, which you need to have turned on by our support.

    Then they would have to configure this for you, and also to make sure that your current workflows are migrated correctly to the new ones (this is simple if they are not too complicated).

    I suggest you paste the text I wrote here into a support ticket, and they will know what to do.

    Thank you






    Merav Bitton
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