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Borrado masivo de clientes a visitar en Activity Planning




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    To delete accounts from the Accounts list on the Web Admin which were created on a specific date you need to add the "Creation Date" field to the Smart Search for the Admin view of the Accounts list.

    To do this: 

    Settings -> Accounts -> Smart Search

    Edit the Admin form and add the Created on field to the layout.

    Then go to the Accounts list and filter using this field to indicate a date, or a date range if you need, and then select all the resulting Accounts and click Action -> Delete.


    Thanks for posting your question,


    Merav Bitton
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    I'm sorry I have misunderstood your question, it was regarding deleting the activities planned for a specific day. rather than deleting the planned activities one by one.


    Merav Bitton
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    To answer your question:

    The Sales Rep can delete planned Activities they created for themselves in bulk from the Pepperi app on their device using the Activities List.

    If the Admin user created the Planned Activities for the Sales Rep, the rep user will not be able to delete them. Only the Admin can delete them from the back office. (The Pepperi Admin user must do it from the Web Admin).

    The best way to do this, is to create an Activity List that shows only activities in Planned and and in Published status. (These are the statuses of the Activity Planning activities). How to create Activity Lists

    I recommend you add the following fields to this Activity List:


    • Creator (sometimes the Creator is different than the user, because the Admin could have created the activity for another user)
    • Creation Date
    • Planned Start Time


    This will make it easier to make sure you are deleting the correct activities.

    It's useful to sort the list by Planned Start Time, so that you can easily see the day the Activity is planned to start and delete only the day you require to delete. Remember, the day an Activity was created, is not necessarily the same as the day it was planned for. Here's how to set the sorting of the list: Select Planned Start Time and Descending, as shown below.

    Log in to the Pepperi app as the user who planned the Activities, and go to the Activity List you created. Tap "Edit", select all the Activities you wish to delete, and tap on the red circle icon to delete them. Tap "Done".

    The Activities will also disappear from the calendar view of the Activity Planning.

    Another way to filter the list is by selecting the date range on the top of the list, of the day when all the activities you wish to delete were created (not the date they are planned for).

    For example, if you want to delete all the Activities created on October 17, then select:

    From: Oct 17 and To:Oct 17 

    If you're doing this from the Admin user on the back office you can sort the list by the "Sales Rep" column, to make sure you are deleting the Activities for the required sales rep user only (and not all activities for all reps planned on this date). After sorting, select the Activities for the sales rep you wish to delete, and click Action -> Delete. 

    You can always go to the Recycle bin and restore activities deleted by mistake. Click on the menu icon to the right and select Recycle Bin, then select the Activities and click  Action -> Restore.

    Please update this post with further questions you may have.




    Merav Bitton

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