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Branding and embedding login into corporate website



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    I feel this has actually gone backwards since this feature request.

    The current universal login page of is more focused on Pepperi advertising/branding than the actual login functionality itself.

    My average customer is going to be throughly confused by what this even means being that we are just a humble frozen food wholesale distributor:


    I get that you want to add the usual "powered be Pepperi" footers here and there but this branding is just over the top. These are my customers and I'm paying Pepperi handsomely. Pepperi should be melting into the background not throwing these advertising messages in my customer's faces.

    I understand there is the option to iframe the login page this seems heavily geared towards one platform (IIS) and does not support any of the popular website building tools like Wix or Squarespace. I also find iframes fraught with danger and seem to be more and more depreciated these days with some browsers struggling to deal with auto-full usernames/passwords etc.

    Is it possible to get a white-labeled version of the login page?

    Matthew Borgo
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