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    Since you posted this request, Tasks were added. You can now create tasks based on your customer's requests and assign them to the manager or another member on the team - or even to yourself as a note to take care of. This is an efficient way to make sure such notes are recorded and kept track of. 

    Statuses can be assigned, and tasks can be marked complete, ensuring the request was handled.


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    OK, but tasks doesn't fit this request. We are talking about notes that users could introduce to styles (parent articles) in the catalog. These notes would be about styles and you can only view or edit in the catalog. And you could choose to be public or private notes


    Manager TIC
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    In terms of the notes, you are correct. 

    I will re-submit this request and update when I get a response.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comments

    Merav Bitton

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