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Divisions for users




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    Hello Chiraag,

    I am cleaning up the topics posted here, and I noticed this one from quite a while ago.

    I assume that since then you have already learned about the Pepperi RTole Hierarchy feature that was added, which does exactly as you describe above.

    For your reference: Setting up Pepperi Role Hierarchy in your Sales Organization



    Merav Bitton
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    Hello and thank you for your request.

    We plan to add the capability of the type of user hierarchy as you described.

    Beyond that there is always the option of separate accounts for each division. The advantage of this option is it gives the division the autonomy to define workflow, pricing, views, activities (next version) and etc.

    Please follow our release notes and this feature requests page will automatically update you when this feature is implemented in SupeRep.


    Merav Bitton
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