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Catalog Copy

Not planned



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    In our estimation the Catalog creation is not such an elaborate task, and we are not planning on developing a "copy" option for it.

    Thanks for the input.



    Merav Bitton
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    Hi Merav,

    for our catalog we subsumed about 60 Item Groups under 12 filters as logical clusters.

    The filters are equipped with QryGroups and Inventory at store options    in order to fit the catalog to a specific region.  (20 Regions, 20 Qry Groups)

    I am about to set up the same catalog for each of the 20 QryGroups, where the only difference is the QryGroup. All else stays the same.

    That requires 20 catalogs, 240 filters (20x12) and then distributing the 60 Item Groups across the 12 filters, 20 times over.  (20x12x60) 14.400 distributions.

    If I could copy the setup of the first catalog 20 times and then only adjust the QryGroups in the settings of the catalog, that would be spot on.

    If you have a suggestion hat could save me some time, please let me know.



    Benjamin Nopper
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    Hi Merav,

    We would also like this feature. 

    Thank you. 

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    I have a project on my plate right now that would be MUCH easier if we had the ability to copy from an existing catalog. I agree that this is a needed feature.

    Beauty Solutions
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    Hi Merav, 

    is there an update on this idea?

    Benjamin Nopper

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