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Accounts XML - Request Created by/Modified by




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    I am wondering if you have multiple reps assigned to the same account, and have them editing the account? Is this why you need to know which one edited/created? 

    Do you also have a Pepperi admin user logging in to the tablet and creating/editing accounts? 

    If not, then the rep that created the the account is automatically assigned to it, and that info is available in the XML (SalesRepID field).

    Do you have multiple reps assigned to accounts?



    Merav Bitton
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    No we don't have multiple Reps assigned to accounts (excluding admin users), but admin users may log in and modify the accounts on occasion.

    The Accounts XML file contains a list of Reps that are assigned to the account, and so far we only have 1 Rep per Account, so I can usually safely assume the non Admin RepID is the creator.

    But if we put all the Reps in Tradeshow mode, this method goes out the window, because the XML will list all the reps. So I need a proper way to distinguish which rep created the account and edited it, and so I can avoid making any assumptions also.



    Gift Fair One (AUS)
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