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Flag to mark item as not sellable




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    Hi Phil,

    I have 2 suggestions for you, one simpler one more complex.

    Simpler first: There is a Campaign type called "Standard Campaign". This is a campaign that simply labels items with the red star indicator, and allows you to create a filter grouping all those items together (if you wish). There is no discounting of the item, it is simply a label that pops up when the red star is tapped on in the catalog that will say the name of the campaign - in this case, "Not for sale".

    You can create a Standard Campaign called "Not for sale" (Cross-sell and Upsell Campaigns and Packages) and associate the not for sale items with it by the field called "Campaign" in the Item data mapping (this is explained in the article above). You can also create a filter with that name, that groups just those items together, although I am not sure that would give you much could serve as a way to highlight those items for the sales rep's reference.

    The more complex suggestion would be to use the rule engine to run a check on the shopping cart before submission. You would add a custom field to your items that would act as an indicator on each item, and the rule engine would remove (unitqty=0) items whose flag was true, since were mistakenly added to the cart.

    You could actually use both methods, one to highlight to the reps and one to do the automated check so as to fully prevent errors.

    Merav Bitton
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    Hi Support, I need to do the more complex suggestion, but I'm stuck. I already have the property to evaluate: ItemProp9

    If the entry is "Not Released" I need the item to either be removed from the cart or QTY set to zero.

    I have a new CustomTrans Line Item field: "SKUsNotReleased" which will return TRUE if the above criteria is met.

    You referred in the instructions to (unitqty=0) but I don't know how to get to this stage. Perhaps is the Custom field supposed to be a numerical not boolean, and is supposed to make the QTY=0 if the criteria is met, but then I don't understand how to make that field the new QTY for the line item?


    Phil Arnold


    Phil Arnold
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