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Widen search box on iPad



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    When searching for items that contain very similar beginnings to their names, and the differentiating text is at the end of the item name, for example:

    Mens dress shirt casual style stripes

    Mens dress shirt casual style solid

    Mens dress shirt casual style print

    Mens dress shirt casual style floral

    the search box will show the beginning of the texts

    Mens dress shirt casual. . .

    Mens dress shirt casual. . .

    Mens dress shirt casual. . .

    Mens dress shirt casual. . .

    and make it impossible to know just by looking which is stripes, solid, print or floral, because the item name is long and the text box holds limited characters.

    However, the search is actually smart enough to find the item you're looking for if you type "Mens shirt stripes" (even though you skipped a few words).

    This should resolve your problem.

    The other workaround would be to put the differentiating text at the beginning of the item name, however we realize this may not always be possible as item names are coming from your ERP or other database systems.

    We are looking at the possibility of making the search box text support 2 lines, so all text for an item name can be seen in the results, however there may always be cases where even 2 lines are not enough.

    Thank you and I hope you are pleased with the resolution.


    Merav Bitton
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