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pre-set a delivery date

Not planned



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    Hi Jake

    Currently our rule engine can't return that date string of today's date + 5 days.

    We will update when the date strings can be returned to populate the field.

    Right now, you can do a boolean check - to make sure the delivery date is +5 days , and if not then pop up a message telling the rep to change it. I realize this does not solve your issue fully.

    Thank you


    Merav Bitton
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    Hi Merav,


    I have gained access to adding boolean checks, however I am unsure how to add the +5 days rule check.


    Do you have and instructions / Could you show me how to set this up?


    Many Thanks,



    Jake Brown
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    This feature would make a lot of sense in our business where delivery is often not automatically assumed for the next day.

    Matthew Borgo

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