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Continue ordering where you left off before scrolled down to the item that you last stopped



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    We don't have this option in our roadmap, however I do have a pretty neat solution for you.

    There is a new feature, where the user can sort the items in the filter by any property they choose.

    When the user goes back to add more items, they can sort by the Unit Quantity that was entered, thereby the items that were ordered will appear at the top of the screen, and they can add more of them easily.

    To do this:

    Configure the Item Sort to sort by "Unit Quantity":

    Settings -> Transaction Types -> Edit the Transaction

    In the Views and Forms Tab, open the "Search" option

    Edit the "Item Sort" - and add "Unit Quantity" to the layout.

    Save and Sync your device.

    Start an order, go to the cart, and then go back into the order through "Continue Ordering", 

    Select Sort, and select "Unit Quantity" - and select Descending by making sure the arrow is pointing downwards (otherwise all the items that have zero quantity will be on top) 

    All the items that were ordered will now be on the top.So, within 3 taps the user has all the items he needs at his fingertips.

    Please respond and let me know how it works for you.

    Thank you

    Merav Bitton
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