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Adding a new filter to all catalogs at once



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    Actually this feature is almost completed development. It will be released in Q4. Once the feature is released there will be an automated migration that will recreate your existing filters for you in the new format, however if you wish to start using it now, you will need to manually re-create your existing filters (of course you'll only need to create each filter once, and then apply it to any catalog you wish).

    Please contact support and copy this response if you wish to start using it now. There are some limitations to the feature at the moment, for example, all filters will show for all main categories (today in the old filters when you select a main category, the ones not relevant won't show. In the new filters, at the moment they will all show for any main categories selected. For example: if you have a filter such as "Sunglasses in stock", it will show when you select the "Sunglasses" category, however it will also show when you select the "Hats" category.) This will of course not be the case when the feature is officially released. It's probably better to wait until the release.



    Merav Bitton
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