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Reminders Module Update



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    Sorry for the delay on this.

    Assuming you have the reminder info in an Account custom field, you can display that field on the Account Dashboard Header. (It will not be a pop up notification).

    If you want to pop it up when a new sales order is started, then you can add a conditional alert notification action in the Workflow from New->In Creation to pop up if there is a reminder for that Account.

    The "within range" request is not on our roadmap.





    Merav Bitton
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    Can a reminder be set at n account level and the reminder appears when:

    1. The acccount dashboard is viewed

    2. A new sales order is started for the customer

    3. The device/user is within a certain range of the customer (which would require "Always On" location tracking for the app)

    Matthew Borgo
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