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Which rep (user) created a new account




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    Hello and sorry for the late response on this! 

    This is a known issue, and the way to get around it, is to include a mandatory Account custom field on the Account form that is either a text box field requiring the Account creator to type their name, or a pull down menu with the sales reps names pre-defined, and the creator needs to select their name.

    I hope this works for you.




    Merav Bitton
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    Hi Neo Team!

    Another option that will make this an automated process is to use the new client API with a "Behind the scenes" custom form:

    When the user submit the account, you will run a background custom form that will get the "Context" data and will save the Agent ID/Name to an account field:

    For more help an data you can open a ticket to the TC team and they'll help. 

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    Hi Neo, there's a detailed guide, including the required api call Lior mentioned above here:

    Get User who created Account (code included) (you'll be directed to sign in to view this, sign in with any pepperi user to access it)

    Merav Bitton

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