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Contact forms - tapable phone numbers



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    Hello Matthew, I apologize for the late response on this!

    The tap to dial numbers must be custom fields of type "Phone number" (not the default phone or mobile fields loaded with the Account or Contact data). In order to make a phone number tap to dial for a contact, you would need to add a custom field of type "Phone number" for contacts, and we are not yet enabling custom fields for contacts. As soon as that is enabled, you'll easily be able to do that for your contacts.

    Here's the article with the explanation on how to do it: Make phone number tap to dial in the app

    I suggest a temporary work-around, you can create a custom field for Accounts of type Phone number with the main contact's phone number in it, and then add that to the Contact List or contact Form and it would be tap-to-dial. Would that work for you?



    Merav Bitton

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