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Sorting of Category groups



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    Category names cannot be manually sorted, only alphabetically. There are 2 answers to your question.

    The simpler answer, which many customers use,  is to put numbers in front of the category names in the order you prefer. For example:





    The more complicated answer involves using the NEW filters. In new filters, you can create a separate filter for each Main Category, and position them in the Filter tree in any order you wish - by drag and drop. The problem is - if you have many main categories this is obviously tedious. Also, if you will need to add Main categories often, this makes maintenance not really feasible. If you have up to a few dozen main categories, and they are not going to change too often, this could work.

    Are you familiar with the new filters? Are you using them? They need to be enabled by support.

    Here is the info on how to use them: Filters (NEW)

    Merav Bitton
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