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Ignore currently selected Main Category and/or Filter on barcode scan



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    Hi Matthew - sorry for the delay in response I was out of the office last week.

    My first question is - do you use bluetooth scanners or the device camera to scan UPC?

    When scanning in items with a scanner - the "Bar Code Grid" View allows for all items scanned to be found regardless of what filter you were in - which is exactly your requirement I believe. You can add this view to your Order Center View Menu options and label it "Scanning View" for example. Then, if needed, users can switch to one of the other views (such as Medium/Grid etc...) to continue adding items by navigating Filters/Main categories.

    (When preparing these types of orders (if you are using a scanner), do you need to go back and forth between navigating through filters and scanning? Or are these types of orders typically comprised of adding items only by scanning them in?)

    However, if you're not using scanners and relying on the device camera to scan, this obviously won't work because you can't scan with the device camera in Bar Code Grid View. In which case I'll take your request up with R&D.

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you here,



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    Hi Merav,

    Thank you for your reply and feedback!

    Unfortunately we are just scanning with the device’s camera for barcode scanning (in this case iPhones and iPads.)

    Hopefully there is a solution available to auto switch categories/filters on a successful barcode scan.




    Matthew Borgo
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    Ah, ok, one more thing...

    Do you have "Search All" enabled ? It's on the Settings tab of the transaction type.

    It allows for all filters to be searched for an item if not found in the current filter. However, it does require a tap on the device - because the Search All option appears as a link you tap on under the search box.

    Merav Bitton

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