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Hide or Unihide Custom Fields on demmand




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    Hi Axel,

    There is a way to implement this now, by using multiple Activity Forms.

    You would have to create the form with all the other fields on it, plus the YesNoOpt field, without this picture field, and also create the same form with all the other fields on it with the picture field.

    Then, in the Activity Workflow indicate a branch action based on the Yes/No Opt checkbox field (boolean).

    If yes - branches to one status that shows the form with the picture field,

    If no - to another status that shows the form without the picture field.

    Please note: the user will have to click on "Next" on the top of the screen after they check Yes/No Opt in order for the branch condition to be evaluated. And then the workflow will branch to the relevant form.

    If you have more fields after the yes/no picture field, then also add them to both forms. They will be displayed regardless if yes/no was checked or not.

    This article explains how to indicate which of the Activity Forms is displayed in the workflow:

    Let me know if this is helpful. 



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    Yes i thinked that option, but this is making a new activity, and we want to do it in the transaction Gestion de Ventas. That´s the little problem, because in that transaction is where the sales rep give or not the payment to the customer

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