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allow orders in android to have the same item ordered more than once



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    Hi Ken

    This feature actually is available on Android, just as in iOS.

    In the shopping cart, you tap on the item code and a menu opens with an option called "Add Item".

    This adds a line with the same exact item to the cart. This is what you need I believe.

    This feature also exists on iOS.

    (By the way - there is also a "Duplicate" option in that menu, which creates the same line item, however the difference from "Add Item" is that "Duplicate" also copies values for any pricing or other line-item fields that you may have modified. The Add Item option adds the item with the default values before you changed anything).

    Please let me know if this resolves it for you.


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    Thanks!  Found it on the android tablet.  I would guess it's only available on the tablets, as I didn't see it in the iphone.  It helps a lot.

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