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Delivery Date calendar selector



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    Hi Matthew

    We have a built in delivery date field per Transaction as well as per line item. When you add this field it automatically uses a calendar selector. 

    Go to the Transaction Type you wish to add it for, and add it from the "Transaction Fields" to the Header form and/or the PDF Header.

    If you would like it per line item, add it to the relevant Cart View, and/or Cart PDF View.

    You may also make it mandatory if you wish.

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    Thank you Merav!

    Is it possible to add this field to the checkout screen?

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    By checkout screen, I assume you mean the shopping cart.

    The general Delivery Date can be positioned only in the Order Details form only (not in the shopping cart). This is the form that contains any general Transaction info. and the only place to display such fields.

    Obviously the line-item delivery dates appear in the grid line view per line item in the shopping cart.

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