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    I assume you are referring to the back office interface?

    Because on the iPad this is available under the Account notifications.

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    This request is something that we have on our roadmap. It was requested by another customer here:

    If you could please go to it and vote by clicking the ^ +1 that would be helpful for our R&D to understand the need from customers.


    Thank you



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    With the release of the new Workflow action "Validate History", you can direct any user (app, storefront, web) to the last open activity they began (you get to define what status "open" means), to prevent orders (or other activities) from being constantly created from scratch and saved In Creation status.

    This is done using the "Validate History" action in the Workflow of that Transaction Type/Activity.

    You can either force the user - meaning as soon as the user creates an order, the last open order will be displayed, or pop up a notification saying for example:  "You already started an order, please access it via the Activity List, and continue it where you left off".



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